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Confused targets deal 100% damage to allies, Enemy auras stop affecting nearby targets while confused, Punch-through projectiles ricochet inside the dome, The dome is centered on the point of impact. i can kill level 160 demolysts pretty fast and they have base HP of 2500, which is 3.5x more base HP than heavy gunners. Log In Sign Up. Some Nyx players will use Radiation to ramp up a target's damage before casting Mind Control, substantially increasing the target's damage output for the ability's duration. By The problem with IPS mods working like elementals would be the fact everyone would just throw on Slash on everything with even a bit of status chance and not even bother with Puncture or Impact, but that is just the symptom of Bleed being that good. Armor strip and DoT damage make Heat excellent for all factions across all activities. 4x multiplier is insane (not to mention it further overpowers melee). ), You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Next: Warframe: A Complete Beginner's Guide. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. It is fantastic against the Corpus but horrible against heavily armored Grineer. Warm and healthy dish with various veggies and herbs. Premium Powerups Explore Gaming. The bleed from slash is OP, its that simple. You'll need to build your loadout around Electricity procs and damage multipliers to make the status effect worth using. 10 stack suggestion is OP for crowed control, status weapons can get 10 stacks in a matter of 1-2 shots/hits. Reddit community and fansite for the free-to-play third-person co-op action shooter, Warframe. Armor is a health multiplier and just creates a huge eHP disparity between armored and unarmored units. With an understanding of games for as long as he can remember, Charles has a large interest in understanding what makes things fun. IPSshort for Impact, Puncture, and Slashis the backbone of most weapons you'll find in Warframe. i will make suggestions on elements depending on how this goes. This is a fantastic element for fighting the Corpus, amplifying the damage their shields take tremendously. It only works on organics due to the weapon's nature. A combined element's damage value is based on the sum of both simple elemental mods used to create the element. Although most weapons have varying proportions of Impact, Puncture, and Slash, some weapons (such as the Glaxion or Phage) can have no physical damage at all. as well as just because you have one and you Google search "warframe damage" and you will get back http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Damage_2.0. Right now, because armor scales, 6000 ferrite (+5500 armor from base) means 100 Puncture will deal 13.5. That said, never use Toxin against the Infested at higher levels due to how common Toxic Ancients are. It has well-rounded stats, and you will get a low impact, slash damage, and a good headshot bonus. bleed is damage you get for free, all DoT is like that, you hit once and if it proc's, you sometimes dont need to hit again, or the enemy is still dying while you reload(that sort of thing). Once you equip a mod for a stat, it will then make it more powerful, and if you mouse over a stat, it tells you what it does and how it affects enemies. Don't warn me again for Warframe View Page Cancel Your preferences are configured to warn you when images may be sensitive. Magnetic can be created by combining Cold and Toxin. impact will still deal 50% more damage to shields, 25% less damage to health and be neutral to armour. Electricity will keep enemies stuck in the Gas cloud and deal constant damage over time. Toxin is the best standalone element for combating Corpus shields, as Toxin damage completely bypasses enemy shields. Let's go over how they work. Piercing Hit: +90% Puncture, +0.9 Punch-through by VYXN last updated 2 days ago (Patch 32.3) 8 6 157,070. With Corrosive nerfed, Slash will be our only defense against the devil that is armor that has plagued this game from its inception. Enemies cannot recharge their shields naturally while Magnetized. If that isn't enough, I tend to agree with @DealerOfAbsolutesabove: the mods could probably use some secondary effects to be made better choices. 599K subscribers in the Warframe community. Only disadvantage of this melee is low impact and puncture damage. Against 6000 Alloy armor with 95% Damage Reduction: Against a Sortie level bombard in this example, Radiation deals 18x more damage than Magnetic. you wont be sitting for so long hitting the same target. Sign up for a new account in our community. 5p33dy_01, June 26, 2020 in Weapons. That's because Corrosive has a +75% against Ferrite. In high-level content like Steel Path, Impact's main use is to trigger mods like Internal Bleeding and Hemorrhage, inflicting a Slash status on the target whenever you inflict an Impact stagger. Official Drop Tables Gas clouds require Faction Mods and high base damage to deal respectable damage. This damage disparity automatically makes certain damage types trash by comparison, especially damage types with negative modifiers against armor. so, what does everyone think of this idea?, some constructive feedback would be nice. Combined elements are created by applying two or more simple elements onto a weapon. 0 coins. that is pure and simple, OVERPOWERED! My proposed impact and puncture rework Learning the usefulness and status effects of each element is key to making your weapons as powerful as possible. everyone wants OP builds that pretty much trivialize the entire game. The nitrile micro foam palm gives superior grip and protection against liquids and water penetration. Corpus will resist this combo, but you can simply use Toxin or Magnetic to deal with them. which is why in my suggestion, there would be effectsthat bypasses armour and shields. IPS: +50% All stack counters should be rolling counters, e.g. From gaming trends to the latest blockbuster anime, DualShockers keeps you ahead of the curve. If armor didn't scale, and only health did, Slash would only be second to Magnetic as the worst damage against Alloy armor. The mods that increase the damage of a type is the percentage of that damage type, not total. If armor was fixed and only health scaled, then Puncture couldactually be an alternative to Slash. Melee units are unaffected by Blast's status effect. Against aLevel 8 Heavy Gunner with 500 ferrite armor, which is 62.5% Damage Reduction. It has solid damage multipliers that make it great against Infested, and its status effect makes Slash an excellent option for killing highly-armored targets across all content. An elemental mod adds one simple element onto your weaponCold, Electricity, Heat, or Toxin. The status they current provide is ok for a base status that you dont even need to mod for to get, which is why I will suggest making a way to improve them, IF you mod for them. Slash is superior no matter how you look at it sadly, because that armor ignoring slash proc is just godly. Effect caps at 75% at 10 Puncture stacks. Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America). Blast is created by combining Heat and Cold. Sign up for a new account in our community. 310 Certain people were saying get this weapon cause it has puncture damage and other don't, so I was wondering if there is one damage that is more important than another. As above, you dont generally want to use them. Damage = impact + puncture + slash + elemental In general, Viral is the strongest damage type. If you're struggling to fight the Corpus in the early game, equip an Electricity mod. Shattering Impact takes effect on every melee hit from weapons with any Impact damage. r/Warframe. At Sortie level, the +50% against Ferrite Puncture has makes it 3x neutral and Corrosive's +75% against Ferrite a 6x neutral, but Bleed just doesn't care about that pesky 20x ehp multiplier armor gives. block forward: first hit procs impact, second hit procs slash, third hit knocks down Vengeful Revenant neutral: fourth hit procs impact, fifth hit knocks down forward: third hit procs slash, fourth hit procs impact neutral block: second hit procs slash and lifts, forward block: first hit procs impact, third input knocks down Swooping Falcon Consider using buffs like Rhino's Roar or play Gyre to get the most out of Electricity in difficult activities. Void and True damage are two unique damage types that are fairly rare. Exact explanations of how each damage type works can be found below. Its status effect can stack with other slows, although most players opt to combine Cold with Toxin to create Viralone of Warframe's combined elemental damage types. Sawtooth Clip: +90% Slash, +90% Status Duration, Piercing Hit: +90% Puncture, +0.9 Punch-through. IPS stat mods can look something like this. Puncture's status effect is somewhat lackluster when compared to Impact and Slash, yet its high damage multipliers to common health types make Puncture a solid damage type for weapons with high critical stats and low status chance. Rupture is a mod that increases the Impact damage of Rifles. A +10% slash would make the weapon deal 5 more slash damage. For safety, rockets arm after traveling a safe distance. That was what I was looking for. they might was well just have level 50 enemies and be done with it, if they have damage that doesnt care about enemy level. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. and if you dont have the elemental mods you need to build optimally. These are the most common damage types. but due to how overpowered some statuses are, DE has started reducing how effective they are on certain enemies, the Lich system is a good example, the slash on shields, gas. Amplifies DoT if the bullet that proc the DoT status hits the weakspot. However the dread is a weapon with mostly slash damage but do to its high overall crit damage it is still good against all factions. Stacks multiplicatively with other armor reduction effects. Cold is great for damaging shields and certain Grineer heavy units. Stat-wise, the Tenet Livia is a fantastic melee weapon. This chance is doubled when the weapon's fire rate is below 2.5. There are four standard Elemental Damage types in Warframe: Cold, Electricity, Heat, and Toxin. A mod for +10% puncture would do absolutely nothing. It's easy! Puncture: Puncture Damage is one of the three physical damage types. Archived (Newbie) Can anyone help me understand how Slash, Puncture, and Impact work when it . In terms of status procs puncture causes the enemy to do less damage, slash provides an armor ignoring DOT, and impact causes a stun. Also, unless misunderstood, faction mods are good if you have the room but not so good you get over even elemental mods. Status Effects General The status effect of Impact damage is Stagger. Using a barrage of rapid-fire plasma rockets, Gauss signature weapon lays down a path of destruction. It's scaling armor that breaks it. This mod does not have a description in the Polish Warframe Client. Scaling armor gives ehp disparity even between units of the same faction. The only sensible choice which would bring down Slash to the level of the other damage types would be to get rid of Armor scaling altogether and only scale health. The simplest solution would simply be to buff the IPS mods with secondary stats. Credits Required To Max The xoris doesn't have the slash proc, but it does have much larger AOE and does decent damage to all targets in that aoe. Right now, the +120% Impact on Collision Force is +120% of the weapon's Impact damage. 5. Shattering Impact is not considered a status effect and hence is able to affect status effect-immune enemies, such as bosses. To do this you will have to go to Cetus on Earth, with Fisher Hai-Luk and select the "Cut fish" option. It's not without its flaws though. first remove all stacking from base IPS statuses,including slash (make bleed status cause the enemy to take 10% extra damage). Fixed armor would actually be an indirect nerf to Slash as well as a buff to everything else. The reason for resetting counters, is so that your damage will always be fluctuating, none of this constant +325% damage, which is just OP. 4) Orthos Prime This weapon was introduced in Update 9.0 and it can inflict a lot of damage. They can also be useful in pushing weapons like the Seer and Twin Gremlins into more 'specialized' roles, as the two guns have high damage in all three physical types. Caps at 75% armor reduction at x10 stacks. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Based on the limited selection you have right now, go with Convulsion, Heated Charge, Quickdraw, Slip Magazine. At low levels, all damage types are actually quite equal and do what DE intended. I was wondering if the mods that increase impact, puncture, or slash are worth equipping? 2020 Digital Extremes Ltd. All rights reserved. this effect is more of a boss killing effect, where it is only really effective on 1 tough enemy, not 20 or 50. Puncture is generally the better damage type since it only deals less damage to shields. If you can find a way to inflict incredibly powerful Gas DoTs on targets (such as with Baruuks' Serene Storm), it can be a useful AoE effect. Rending Strike, which adds to base charge damage as well - still only better than an element on weapons with some significant %age of puncture dmg. Slash only seems OP since it ignores armor scaling, but if armor didn't scale, it would be on the same playing field as every other damage type. each stack has individual duration. Proto Shields are used by rather weak Corpus enemies, so you can use this as a reliable element for all factions. All in all - they're secondary mods, nothing more. the armour type wont matter, viral + bleed doesnt care what armour the enemy has. If armor was a fixed value instead of being scaled, then Bleed wouldn't be so much of a problem. *(Side-note / proof: Elemental mods calculate off base damage even if the weapon already has the given element. 2020 Digital Extremes Ltd. All rights reserved. Duviri isn't just another open world - it's an entirely new way to experience Warframe. Shattering Impact is a melee mod that permanently reduces an enemy's base armor by 1 per rank upon dealing Impact damage with a melee weapon. Impact damage is effective at quickly draining Corpus shields, but it does comparatively less to Corpus and Grineer bodies. Using a barrage of rapid-fire plasma rockets, Gauss' signature weapon lays down a path of destruction. If slash gets nerfed again, it would ruin Titania, Ash and other slash ability warframes well Titania won't be ruined as much as the other warframes since the damage input she does still do alot of damage. If it were treated like an elemental mod*, that would be +120% on the weapon's total base damage. It has no damage modifiers or unique status effects. ((100 + 50) * 10 / 100 = 15). (so if Slash > Impact + Puncture, you should be good) For an interesting case, take the Soma Prime. You might be able to make an argument for the 90% melee ones since they both have much higher values than the rest of the I/P/S mods and some melees are extremely weighted in one damage type (ex. Edit:status procs, puncture decreases damage, useless; slash deals bleed that ignores everything, great & impact stuns them for 1,5 second, garbage. Stormbringer (+90% electricity), on the other hand,takes the damage to 100 Impact + 850 Electricity (2.125x / 112.5%of base Electricity, not1.9x / 90%). Browse our network 9 . And as of right now it would seem that other procs are better than other. - At maximum 10 stacks enemy is stunned. Only use Blast on a status primer. Main: Roasted chicken with roasted potatoes and green beans. - Warframe Update 29.10 Corpus Proxima LeyzarGamingViews 184K subscribers Join Subscribe 1.1K Share Save 35K views 1 year ago New Impact to. if they remove armor scaling as you have suggested, if they dont do something like add 10x or more health scaling, it will still be useless. Why is bleed important? At low levels, Heavy Gunners are several times tankier than Butchers. Unable to move or attack for 3 seconds. Cons include low Impact and Slash damage, which makes the Warframe weapon less effective against shields and health. It's an excellent damage type to pair with Viral or Corrosive. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. but the community still wants their OP status. Slash - Causes the Bleed status effect, dealing True damage for six seconds equal to 35% of the weapon's base damage after a one-second delay. even if they revert corrosive back to armour stripping, due to the power of viral + slashbleed now, it still makes it pointless to mod for now. 1 mod, each procapplies 2.5% Hack, which deals 2.5% more damage for every consecutive hit. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! I can see how my suggetion may seem to complicate things, but it doesnt really. Not too long ago I suggested a single melee mod change, in an effort to help with impact being so useless, some of the community didnt like that idea and someone said they would rather see the IPS be addressed, than see some Band-Aid solution. Whether you're a veteran of the Origin System or a brand new Tenno taking the first Viral/Bleed remains as the best answer to armor besides Warframe abilities. Warframe is a popular third-person shooter video game developed and published by Digital Extremes. The aforementioned system is the highlight of the game, with players using elemental magic that reacts with each other and character switching. With the way IPS currently is,Accelerated Blast is only good on a handful of weapons, unless you are going for fire rate, however, with my suggestion, it will have 1%Pierce status chance to bypass armour and shields and a damage increase, which will also add the damage type to weapons that dont have Puncture (Phage), which will go very nicely with viral. They are the physical elements of the game. It's also planned to be ported to Xbox Series X/S.LeyzarGamingViews :YouTube Membership: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXeubDV2dwI-V9FO9oiDu3A/joinPatreon: https://www.patreon.com/LeyzarGamingViewsDiscord Community : https://discord.gg/TpjshGyDonation: https://streamlabs.com/leyzargamingviews/tipTwitch Page: https://www.twitch.tv/leyzargamingviewsFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/leyzargaming/Twitter: https://twitter.com/LeyzarGaming#Warframe One of the most exciting and engaging aspects of the game is the Ambassador Warframe weapon. So the damage of a weapon can in a sense over ride the base status of the weapon. To help newcomers and veteran players alike, we've updated this guide with more in-depth explanations on each damage type, updated Void damage to reflect its bonus damage against Overguard, and we've added a section explaining what the strongest, most popular damage type is in Warframe currently. https://www.warframe.com/droptables The only I/P/S damage mod worth equipping is Accelerated Blast. User account menu. A +10% impact would do an additional 10 impact. The only real reason to use an 120% physical mod is if it's a slash mod that you want to increase the chance of getting slash on a status proc (which for weapons you could use this on and get around the same flat damage as a 90% element, you'd already have a very high chance of a slash status effect.) Void damage is reserved for Operator Amps and the Xaku Warframe. Since everything in this game is based on the certain situation, you should know what weapons to use with these criteria, but if i was forced to pick one then i would go with puncture, since its always good for the long run. That's the issue. Tradeable that being said, on weapons that have a very high base damage in one physical type (someone mentioned jat kittag as an example. impact Press J to jump to the feed. which is why in my suggestion, there would be effectsthat bypasses armour and shields. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Over double that of 100 Puncture at 13.5 and this was just +50% --> +75% against Ferrite. WARFRAME Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Sign up for a new account in our community. - Each impact stacks increasesparazon finisher chance and parazon finisher minimum health threshold. Combining two elemental mods will create a combined element. Radiation's status effect is especially useful for pacifying Ancient Healers and Eximus targets, preventing their auras from buffing their allies. The two new mods are:Internal Bleeding and Hemorrhage and they both do the same thing only the first is for primary weapons and the other for secondary weapons.Impact status effect have a thirty five percent chance to apply a slash status effect. Yet, anything someone says thatregards nerffing that power, isrejected by the community. [ Hunter Munitions] doesnt deal much damage vs shields but the burst mode can already deal decent damage Recommended videos Powered by AnyClip AnyClip Product Demo 2022 AnyClip Product Demo 2022 Feature Vignette: Live Feature Vignette: Management Feature Vignette: Marketing your option 2: secondary stat: The amount of damage the element does depends on the strength of the mod and your weapon's base damage. it is the same reason people will hate my suggetion to remove the power of bleed, even though in that same suggetion, i provided a way to still bypass armour and shields with 1 status (which is what slash used to be). 100 Base damage, Bleed ticks for 35 each. (people will use vigilante armaments over this Rupture any day, its the same reason augur pact is hardly used). IPS (Impact, Puncture Slash) is bundled in this one video, however remaining videos will be separated into their. Slash: Slash Damage is one of the three physical damage types. New player here. In this guide, we're going to give a brief look at all 15 damage types present in Warframe, how to create certain elemental combinations like Blast and Viral, and explain what each damage type does. At max 10 stacks the parazon finisher chance is 100% and finisher health threshold is 33% of maximum health. Amplifies DoT if the bullet that proc the DoT status hits the weakspot. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Damage_2.0. The physical damage mods are only worth equipping on weapons with very high base damage in that area - so say, with the Jat Kittag, sticking a +90% impact bonus on it gets a MASSIVE boost in damage when compared to something like the Cronus. sooner or later, Slash will be nerffed againor become useless against enemies. same with reload/fire rate mods. Very high critical and status chance also with high attack speed. these suggestions keep getting chosen, but it is not resolving the actual issue, IPS is bad. This is even though Fulmin already has innate Electricity.). :s. In terms of damage puncture best against armor, slash is best against flesh, and impact is best against shields. Rupture: +90% Impact, +90% Base Damage, This is probably why nobody likes my suggestion (i suggested changing Slash Bleed ). Certain mods in Warframe allow you to add elemental effects to your weapons. Jump over obstacles, leap over large chasms or run across walls with your innate parkour abilities. At max 10 stacks the parazon finisher chance is 100% and finisher health threshold is 33% of maximum health. they have changed the way armour scaling works, so slash is not as important as it used to be years ago. If you had to choose one stat, which would it be? 1 (Newbie) Can anyone help me understand how Slash, Puncture, and Impact work when it comes to a primary? Only to then have the community complain that they want harder content. (+Base Damage, +Fire Rate, +Punch-through) We already have things like Accelerated Blast and it needs to be buffed. Option 1 :I say make the mods work like elemental while buffing Puncture and Impact so players wont put slash on everything. New Mods for Slash (Health) Damage, Toxic (Poison) Damage, Impact (Shield) Damage, and Status (Proc Chance) Effects!. Just be wary of using it against the Infested, as Toxic Ancients make nearby Infested completely immune to Toxin. Despite the nerf to scaling, a fundamental problem remains. That said, it is beneficial to put a physical damage mod for the damage that it is the highest. Update 11: A new damage system was introduced along with new mods. The mod is most useful either on certain Gunblades (, Both ranged and Heavy Attacks of these Gunblades and, The mod is most useful on melee weapons with high attack speed, and on. Viral is the result of combining Toxin and Cold. WarFrame PvE MMO-Lite . Naramon So i just started playing warframe again and am still learning the new damage system. Impact: Impact Damage is one of the three physical damage types. Related: Warframe: Galvanized Mods And Weapon Arcane Guide. Request. The Bronze IPS mods need to be reduced in drainso they'll actually be useful for new players. Each can be increased by use of their respective mod cards. 2 mods = 10 stacks (retains the 5 stack bonus, but does not reset at 5 stacks, it resets at 10) Hunter Munitions turns any critical weapon into a Slash-proccing machine while Hunter Adrenaline is a stronger version of Rage. Toxin is also a solid choice for fighting unarmored Grineer. The idea of IPS is that it has a higher bonus than a single element so it was the ideal 3rd element to build for if a weapon could support it (heat rework messed this up though). Just about every endgame build uses Viral. Common WARFRAME Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. This means that Collision Force is only better than a 90% elemental if a weapon has at least 75% of its IPS in Impact. Boasting a good Status Chance at the expense of Critical Chance and Critical Multiplier, this polearm is one of the best melee weapons against large groups of enemies. sooner or later, Slash will be nerffed againor become useless against enemies. Most endgame builds avoid using Blast altogether since it has terrible damage multipliers. Bleed ignores armor scaling and will always do the same damage while everything else gets weaker as armor ramps up. It is effective against all forms of flesh, but it is less effective against Grineer armor and Corpus Robotics. Some weapons are split down the middle for what they provide for damage. Note that it is not necessary to proc the Impact status effect to trigger the armor reduction. Reloads are faster while sprinting, even more so in Gauss hands. Puncture as a base element is good against armour. I know how elemental mods work now and that each weapon has its total damage split into 3 (sometimes 2) types of damage: impact, puncture, and slash. Slash only shows its mettle when armor levels get high and that doesn't take very long. Or is it similar to where you get more experience killing Grineer then Corpus and Infested? Exactly 50% of its IPS damage is Slash, so it will not split bodies. (1.75x damage and 75% armor ignore right from the getgo)Try it on Bombards and you'll see how badly Corrosive was gutted. how did martin luther king's brother die, polk county wi accident reports today,

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